Have you recently lost someone close to you?

Even as time has passed, do you still feel sad, lonely or frustrated?

Does moving on feel like an impossible thing to do?

In one second, your whole world can feel like it is crashing down on you. Your moods might fluctuate between anger, sadness, confusion, and numbness. And sometimes when you are on this roller coaster of emotions, you may feel even more alone, as though no one can understand your pain. 

If grief is left without being expressed in a healthy way, it can lead to severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Therapy can help you understand and talk about your loss. I specialize in working with people that are grieving. It does not matter if the loss was recent or a long time ago, it still can impact your every day life. 

I work with my clients to help them cope with their feelings of sadness and loss so that it doesn't rob them of the joy they can have in life. Call me today so we can get started on the road to healing 949-355-1305 or contact me here