Do you feel alone and have no one to reach out to?

Are you struggling over a major loss in your life?

Are you ready to move on to a happier life?

Going through a major life change can feel overwhelming, even if it is a positive change like a new career. You might notice your energy level decreases, you might have difficulty focusing, or you could have a lack of interest in things that used to be exciting to you. It doesn't have to be hopeless.

Counseling can give you an opportunity to grow and learn new ways of coping with transition or loss. I get excited when my clients express how counseling has helped them accomplish their goals and embrace positive change in their life. They are no longer left holding it all inside, frustrated and confused. While I work with many types of people, I specialize in working with those that are struggling with loss and grief, depression and anxiety, and major life decisions, such as career change. 

If you want someone to help you, guide you through what you are going through, or if you have more questions, contact me here or call me to set up an appointment at 949-355-1305. I am conveniently located in Newport Beach in Orange County, CA. Don't wait any longer. Start getting your life back today!